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Wolf caught in the crossfire over ESA

Wolves are under constant assault -- aerial gunning, hunting, trapping -- but with your help, we're fighting back and winning protections for these incredible animals.

In major news for wolf recovery on the West Coast, the Center for Biological Diversity just filed a petition to protect gray wolves in California under the state's Endangered Species Act.

State protection would help save wolves wandering across the state line and trigger the creation of the state's first-ever wolf recovery plan.

Wolves were killed off in, or driven out of, California almost 90 years ago by the livestock industry.  When news came out late last year that a wolf had arrived in California from Oregon, an official with the Cattlemen's Association immediately warned that without regulations he'd "shoot them on sight."

We need to ensure wolves have the protections necessary to return to, and thrive in, the Golden State. Please help us fund our critical work by donating today to the Center's California Wolf Fund.

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Gray wolf photo courtesy Flickr Commons/USFWS Pacific.

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