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Florida panther kittens Now that global population has passed 7 billion people -- and is hurtling toward 10 billion, the Center for Biological Diversity is redoubling our efforts to take action and educate people about the devastating effect human population growth and overconsumption has on other species. From innovative outreach campaigns -- like our award-winning, freely distributed Endangered Species Condoms -- to launching creative, hard-hitting policy initiatives that address population and sustainability issues, the Center is tackling the planet's biggest problems.

These are tough issues, but ones we can’t afford to ignore. The Center is the only environmental group with a full-time program highlighting the connection between unsustainable human population growth, overconsumption and the ongoing extinction crisis for plants and animals around the world. Too many people means not enough room and resources for the birds, plants, panthers, wolves, butterflies and whales we're striving to protect.

Please make a generous gift today to support the Center's Population and Sustainability Program and help us continue leading the charge to tackle these critical issues and protect wildlife. Every tax-deductible dollar you give will be used efficiently and effectively to tackle the threats to species from human population growth and overconsumption.

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Photo of Florida panther kittens courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Michaelstone428.

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