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KKK Wolf Killers Exposed

Cowardly wolf killers

The photo to the right is both disturbing and revealing. And the Ku Klux Klan imagery is no accident: Bloodthirsty, paranoid cowards posted it on Facebook this week, and it was actually celebrated by anti-wolf commenters.

This is what we're up against. Sadly, the xenophobia, hatred, violence and victimhood invoked by this disturbing image are common among wolf haters. These are the people who will be set free to slaughter even more wolves if the government succeeds in its plan to strip away all federal protection.

We can stop the Interior Department's plan to strip all federal protection from wolves, but we don't have much time. The final comment period ends soon, and after that the agency will rush to issue a final decision. We need to mobilize as many people as possible before the decision is made, and prepare to file a lawsuit as soon the decision is made, to get a legal injunction against the killing that will be unleashed.

Please help the Center for Biological Diversity save wolves from this deadly paranoia, fear and hatred. Make a donation today to our Wolf Defense Fund.

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