Center for Biological Diversity
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Here at the Center for Biological Diversity, it’s been a big year of victories for endangered animals and plants — including the overturning of dozens of politically tainted Bush-era decisions and winning 128 million acres of proposed habitat safeguards for the polar bear.

So now, we’re taking a moment to celebrate some of the species that inspire our work — and to thank you for making that work possible — with five special e-postcards you can send along to your loved ones through the rest of the holiday season.

As the new year turns, we’ll still be working overtime to curb damage to our Earth and more than 1,000 of its creatures, from the intriguing sea star — endangered by global warming and ocean acidification — to the great jaguar, which needs our help to regain its habitat in the United States.

Happy Holidays, from the Center for Biological Diversity!

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Our thanks to the photographers: Steve Elkins (ochre sea star); Val Halstead, Wolf Haven International (Mexican gray wolves); Pascal Blachier (jaguar); and Martha de Jong-Lantink (polar bears).