Center for Biological Diversity

As human cultures around the world make merry this winter, imperiled animals and plants are falling on hard times. The Bush administration has proven the Scroogiest on record when it comes to species protections, and its parting assaults on endangered species and precious wildlands -- including the gutting of the Endangered Species Act itself -- have left nature with flimsy fortification against global warming, habitat destruction, and countless other threats.

But thanks to all our unflagging supporters, as well as our own hard-working staff, we're looking back on a year of big victories for endangered species — including new protections for polar bears and restored protections for northern Rockies gray wolves. As the new year turns, we’ll still be working overtime to curb damage to our Earth and its creatures great and small. But we're taking a moment to celebrate some of the species that inspire our work -- and to thank you for making that work possible -- with four special e-postcards you can send along to your loved ones through the rest of the holiday season, reminding them that species need the gift of protection this season more than ever.

Happy Holidays from the Center for Biological Diversity!

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Our thanks to the photographers: gray wolf (c) Patrick Hayes/, emperor penguins (c) Enrique Aguirre/, polar bear (c) Jenny E. Ross/, short-eared owl (c) Larry Master/