Center for Biological Diversity
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You may not know this yet, but May 15 is a special date: Endangered Species Day, set aside to honor and take action for species across the globe on the road toward extinction — so they never reach the end of that journey.

Of course, for us at the Center for Biological Diversity (and you, our supporters), every day is Endangered Species Day — since imperiled species need a helping hand and fast friends all year long. But the day gives us a chance to rev up our engines, renew our commitment to the recovery of endangered wildlife and plants, and basically run our mouths off to everyone we know about the importance of saving our fellow earthlings.

Endangered Species Day is also a time to celebrate endangered species success stories like the American bald eagle and the peregrine falcon. And if we all observe the day right, by taking action — and if we keep observing it all year — we’ll have more success stories to celebrate every Endangered Species Day to come.

As an Endangered Species Day gift, we’ve made some cards for you to send out to people you know — reminding them, we hope, that we’re all in this together. So do it.

Wishing you an active Endangered Species Day,

The Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. Because two presents are better than one, if you haven’t already checked out our free endangered species ringtones, go download the call of an at-risk owl, frog, whale, wolf, or other animal from our ringtones site

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Our thanks to the photographers: Taro Taylor (humphead wrasse), Michael Robles (Hawaiian monk seal), Sidney Maddock (piping plover), and Douglas Aguillard (Quino checkerspot butterfly).