Center for Biological Diversity

Join Climate Bill Conference Call, Sign Our 350 Petition

To coincide with Earth Day, Senators Kerry, Lieberman, and Graham are expected to introduce yet another version of climate legislation. But what we’re hearing about the legislation doesn’t bode well for the Earth at all — in fact, it appears the planned bill would cripple the Clean Air Act’s ability to regulate greenhouse gases, without setting science based targets for CO2 or doing nearly enough in other areas to stop catastrophic global warming.  

The Center for Biological Diversity believes our current best hope to address the climate crisis lies in the Clean Air Act — and the best way to save the Clean Air Act is to use the Clean Air Act. But we need you to help us push the Environmental Protection Agency to do both.

Sign up now for a conference call with the Center’s own Bill Snape about what’s at stake and what’s in the Kerry-Lieberman-Graham proposal — space is limited. Then sign our People’s Petition to Cap Carbon Dioxide at 350 ppm — and help us get 500,000 people to sign — by forwarding the petition to your contact lists. We simply can't do this without you. Date and time of the call will be announced shortly. For more information, contact Rose Braz.

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