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Help Save the Condor, Get the Lead Out.

The condor was saved from extinction in the 1980s by a desperate, last-ditch effort to capture and protect every single bird. But the species is once again on the brink of extinction due to lead poisoning and habitat destruction.

TAREX, its developer partners, and the NRA are pitting their multimillion-dollar legal teams against our lawyers for a showdown to determine the survival of all condors. If we can raise one dollar for every hundred they throw at the fight, we can beat the one-two punch of lead poisoning and habitat loss -- because we have science, the law, and supporters like you on our side.

You can be sure developers all over the country are watching this fight. If they can bulldoze an endangered species wildlife sanctuary here, they can do it anywhere.

With your financial support and political backing today, we'll save the condors, Tejon Ranch, and get lead poison out of our lakes, streams, and wildlife habitat nationwide. 

We need to raise $50,000 by November 20. Please dig deep and give generously to our Condor Legal Defense Fund.

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Condor photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Chuck Szmurlo under the GNU free documentation license.

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