Center for Biological Diversity

Protect Polar Bear Habitat, Take Action Now

Polar bear and cubs
Photo by Brendan Cumming

Last month the Bush administration was forced to recognize the serious threats to polar bear survival, listing the bears as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

But just as it made one step forward to protect the bear, the administration took two steps back -- refusing to address the effects of global warming on the rapidly melting sea ice and allowing environmentally damaging oil and gas development to continue in the Arctic.

To counter this massive loophole, representatives Jay Inslee and Maurice Hinchey have introduced a bill to halt oil and gas leases in the bears' Arctic habitat until scientists can fully assess the environmental impacts and designate protected critical habitat.

Support the "Polar Bear Seas Protection Act" and ensure that polar bears get the protection they need to survive.

We can't afford to leave polar bears unprotected against the ongoing threats of global warming and continued development in the Arctic. The Arctic sea ice is rapidly diminishing and scientists predict that the habitat crucial to the bears’ survival may be gone by mid-century. We must act now.

The Polar Bear Seas Protection Act will help ensure that the bears get the immediate protection they need. Fill out the form below and let your representative know that you support real protections for polar bears today.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here