Center for Biological Diversity
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What better time than Halloween to tackle the scariest problem on Earth —
the mass extinction crisis?

With just the click of a mouse you can send five compelling endangered species e-postcards to all your friends.

Click on a card below to send it to a friend. If you want to learn more about the Center for Biological Diversity's work to save endangered species, visit our extinction crisis page. And to help save 350 species from one of the top scariest causes of extinction — climate change — take action at our new 350 Reasons We Need to Get to 350 website. Or you can easily share this with your social networks by clicking on the share button to the right.

Click on an image to send a postcard.


Our thanks to the photographers: Phillip J. Redman, USGS (coal-fired power plant), Martin Tiller, MCT Images (belugas), Digistock/ (fruit bats), Doug Backland, SDGFP (American burying beetle), and Robin Silver (gila monster).