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Tell Discovery to Boot Sarah Palin's New Show

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In one of the more outrageous examples of selling out integrity to garner ratings, Discovery Communications — parent company of the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and The Learning Channel — has signed a deal to pay Sarah Palin $1.2 million per episode to star in a new show to be called Sarah Palin's Alaska. Palin, of course, is famous for waging a war on Alaska's wildlife and wilderness.

Palin opposed protection of endangered species, including beluga whales and polar bears; aggressively pushed to have Alaska's wolves gunned down by helicopter, airplane, and snow machine; planned to offer a $150 bounty for the forelimb of each killed wolf; tried to squeeze oil, timber, and housing developments out of every inch of the state she could; and denied global warming every time she turned around.

Airing the new Alaska show with Palin's decidedly anti-environmental persona is misleading and doesn't square with the Discovery Channel's reputation as a pro-nature, pro-conservation advocate.
Discovery needs to cancel the show before it ever airs. Please take action below.

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Sarah Palin photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Fairbanks Mike under the Creative Commons attribution license.